How to understand this guide.

The sun is the primary source of life and it is the character in the Natal Chart, this is just the beginning, The Moon, The Ascendant and the other planets, each have a particular, specific and very important place in the rest of the Soul expression so relation between people is much more complicated than this but still when people from two Star signs interrelated is very possible to see and predict the main usual starting dynamics and path, this is a quick guide of what may happen when things go wrong and the most likely causes and what they have been looking for before you realize that being single many times is such a great idea.


Love Ads for Dates from Hell

Aquarius / Aries

non conformist with wild sexual imagination and open mind seeks dominating mental midget for sexual but precarious relationship. If you act like an adult we could be the dynamic duo.

Aquarius / Taurus

Free roaming sprite with sex-is-fun attitude and friends who call after midnight seeks clinging vine with sex-is-serious attitude and co compassion for the mismatch of the century.

Aquarius / Gemini

Human Dynamo who loves oddball causes and has an endless imagination sees chandelier swinging soul mate with hip mind set and zero tolerance for boredom. Lifetime fun.

Aquarius / Cancer

Breezy character with analytical approach to romance and pet rock seeks teary eyed calamity expert with pet mon to confuse, irritate, inflict with permanent headache. Possible one night stand but don't bet it will be that long.

Aquarius / Leo

Sex education expert with green toenails, fright night hair and one pair of jeans seeks lust-loving wild thing with elegant wardrobe and sleak mane for decadent sec and deadly morning after.

Aquarius / Virgo

Fun-Loving eccentric, affectionately nicknamed Mad Dog with opinions on every mistery of the Universe and freewheeling lifestyle seeks sensible stay-at-home who prefers reading about life to living it for stimulating intellectual conversation, no sex, no love & no romance.

Aquarius / Libra

Kind hearted but totally mad oddball who needs honesty, breathing room and non jealous partner seeks kind hearted but totally self assorted screwball who needs adoring declarations and on on one attention for short, superficial romance. We'll always be friends.

Aquarius / Scorpio

Sexy but detached dreamer who loves mankind, variety and freedom seeks paranoid fanatic who thinks love means tapping the phone line for peculiar affair, possible love. You'll smile despite what you are thinking.

Aquarius / Sagittarius

Sexual researcher with master's in bizarre positions and need for freedom within a framework seeks fly-by-night bed gremlin who is packed and ready to head to the laboratory for sex among the Bunson burners. Fun, friendship and long term love, but no strings attached.

Aquarius / Capricorn

Free spirit with open door policy on life, five hundred close friends and stream-of- consciousness conversational style seeks intellectual dwarf with no friends and no interesting in anything but being in charge for date will end before we can fasten the sea belts.

Aquarius / Aquarius

Expert in conspiracy theories, saving obscure species of insects for beginning life on other planets seeks scientific type degree en sexual experimentation and fungi collection for a mach made in Uranus that can last forever of finish this afternoon.

Aquarius / Pisces

Crop circle designer with conscious rise approach to life and hair-raising sexual style seeks unconscious social dreamer with ability to do the splits upside down for abandoned sexual escapade, long term romance.

Clear to try...
Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Just Good Friends...
Aries, Leo, Libra.
Please, shoot yourself now...
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.
The Dark Horse...
Scorpio, Pisces



Alan Alda
January 28, 1936

Alice Cooper
February 4, 1948

Anthony LaPaglia
January 31, 1959

Ashton Kutcher
February 7, 1978

Benny Hill
January 21, 1924

Bill Bixby
January 22, 1934

Bob Marley
February 6, 1945

Burt Reynolds
February 11, 1936

Charles Darwin
February 12, 1809

Elijah Wood
January 28, 1981

Jak Palance
February 18, 1919/20

James Dean
February 8, 1931

Jerry Springer
February 13, 1944

Joe Pesci
February 9, 1943

John Belushi
January 24, 1949

John Travolta
February 18, 1954

Jules Verne
February 8, 1828

Justin Timberlake
January 31, 1981

Leslie Nielsen
February 11, 1926

Lorenzo Lamas
January 20, 1958

Lou Diamond Phillips
February 17, 1962

Matt Dillon
February 18, 1964

Mike Farrell
February 6, 1939

Neil Diamond
January 24, 1941

Nick Nolte
February 8, 1941

Patrick Macnee
February 6, 1922

Paul Newman
January 26, 1925

Phil Collins
January 30, 1951

Peter Gabriel
February 13, 1950

Richard Dean Anderson
January 23, 1950

Robert Wagner
February 10, 1930

Ronald Reagan
February 6, 1911

Thomas Edison
February 11, 1847

Tom Selleck
January 29, 1945/47

January 27, 1756



Alicia Keys
January 25, 1981

Brandy Norwood
February 11, 1979

Christina Ricci
February 12, 1980

Cybill Shepherd
February 18, 1950

Denise Richards
February 17, 1971

Ellen Degeneres
January 26, 1958

Eva Braun
February 6, 1912

Farrah Fawcett
February 2, 1947

Geena Davis
January 21, 1956

Jane Seymour
February 15, 1951

Jennifer Aniston
February 11, 1969

Mischa Barton
January 24, 1986

Moly Ringwald
February 18, 1968

Morgan Fairchild
February 3, 1950

Nastassja Kinski
January 24, 1961?

Oprah Winfrey
January 29, 1954

Paris Hilton
February 17, 1981

Princess Caroline
January 23, 1957

Rene Russo
February 17, 1954

February 2, 1977

Sharon Tate
January 24, 1943

Sheryl Crow
February 11, 1962

Tiffani Thiessen
January 23, 1974

Yoko Ono
February 18, 1933

Zsa Zsa Gabor
February 6, 1917