How to understand this guide.

The sun is the primary source of life and it is the character in the Natal Chart, this is just the beginning, The Moon, The Ascendant and the other planets, each have a particular, specific and very important place in the rest of the Soul expression so relation between people is much more complicated than this but still when people from two Star signs interrelated is very possible to see and predict the main usual starting dynamics and path, this is a quick guide of what may happen when things go wrong and the most likely causes and what they have been looking for before you realize that being single many times is such a great idea.


Love Ads for Dates from Hell

Cancer / Aries

Romance Novel savant with martyr complex seeks kinky serial romancer for unbelievable sex and unbearable morning after.

Cancer / Taurus

Serious possessive homebody, who cooks in and out of bed, seeks serious, possessive protector who loves to eat. True Love and sensual sex guaranteed.

Cancer / Gemini

love - starved clinging vine with terminal hangnails seeks self serving hedonist with rabbit's idea of foreplay and ability to inflict serious emotional damage upon a already fractured ego.

Cancer / Cancer

Migraine afflicted shut - in with Oedipus complex seeks whining hypochondriac for shared passive aggressions and crisis-to-crisis lifestyle. First one to commit suicide wins.

Cancer / Leo

Shy-but-sensual house keeper with French - maid uniform seeks outlandishly brazen defender to serve, worship, and stroke the right way. Perfect master / slave relation ship but... who's the boss?

Cancer / Virgo

Irritable, moody, and underhanded manipulator seeks irritable, critical and perpetually pissed off partner for great love and true affection. True love might take too much effort.

Cancer / Libra

Woebegone sacrificial lamb with masochist vocation seeks vain, flippant lover with altar and willing attitude where there is any chance may depend on how convenient or elegant the sacrifice may look like.

Cancer / Scorpio

Professional martyr with one sackcloth and ashes seeks sinfully partner whose taste for meaningless vengeance titillates and helps victim act.

Cancer / Sagittarius

Travel - Phobic, sidestepping, double -shuffler who mumbles seeks brutally honest loudmouth with life time airline miles for interesting but hopeless romance.

Cancer / Capricorn

Emotionally - Infantile - but -sweet hypochondriac, who;s prone to panic attacks and death fantasies, seeks a no-sense parental figure with risks of domination, subjugation, cool sex and convenient romance for vengeance ad hoc time after.

Cancer / Aquarius

Collector of useless trinkets with seriously impaired relationship judgment seeks mad-scientist type with own lab for terminal misunderstandings and sex that could chill a penguin.

Cancer / Pisces

smothering caregiver with flair for the mundane and award winning chicken soup recipes seeks deluded with big dreams to wet nurse, cover for, support and love.

Clear to try...
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces.
Just Good Friends...
Capricorn, Cancer.
Please, shoot yourself now...
Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
The Dark Horse...




Ali Landry
July 21, 1973

Brigitte Nielsen
July 15, 1963

Cyndi Lauper
June 22, 1953

Courtney Love
July 9, 1964

Eva Green
July 5, 1980

Gina Lollobrigida
July 4, 1927

Jerry Hall
July 2, 1956

Jessica Simpson
July 10, 1980

Lindsay Wagner
June 22, 1949

Liv Tyler
July 1, 1977

Meryl Streep
June 22, 1949

Nancy Reagan
July 6, 1921

Pamela Anderson
July 1, 1967

Princess Diana
July 1, 1961

Sofia Vergara
July 10, 1972

Yancy Butler
July 2, 1970

Bill Cosby
July 12, 1937

Carlos Santana
July 20 1947

Dalai Lama
July 6, 1935

David Hasselhoff
July 17, 1952

Edgar Degas
July 19, 1834

Ernest Hemingway
July 21, 1899

Fred Gwynne
July 10, 1926

George Michael
June 25, 1963

George W, Bush
July 6, 1946

Harrison Ford
July 13, 1942

Jimmy Smits
July 9, 1955

Joe Penny
June 24, 1956

John Cusack
June 28, 1966

John D. Rockefeller
July 8, 1839

Julius Caesar
July 13, 100 BC

Kevin Bacon
July 8, 1958

Kris Kristofferson
June 22, 1936

Nelson Mandela
July 18, 1918

Nikola Tesla
July 10, 1856

July 9, 1947

Patrick Stewart
July 13, 1940

Prince William
June 21, 1982

Ringo Starr
July 7, 1940

Robin Williams
July 21, 1951

Ron Silver
July 2, 1946

Sylvester Stallone
July 6, 1946

Tom Cruise
July 3, 1962

Tom Hanks
July 9, 1956

Will Ferrell
July 16, 1967

William Dafoe
July 22, 1955