How to understand this guide.

The sun is the primary source of life and it is the character in the Natal Chart, this is just the beginning, The Moon, The Ascendant and the other planets, each have a particular, specific and very important place in the rest of the Soul expression so relation between people is much more complicated than this but still when people from two Star signs interrelated is very possible to see and predict the main usual starting dynamics and path, this is a quick guide of what may happen when things go wrong and the most likely causes and what they have been looking for before you realize that being single many times is such a great idea.


Love Ads for Dates from Hell

Taurus / Aries

Shy, boring grouch with raging hormonal surplus seek impetus, optimistic hedonist to frustrate fight and forget after locking horns with nonsense passion.

Taurus / Taurus

Stable stick-in-the-mud who loves food, sex and money seeks same for relation full of pasta, pizza and cannelloni also canoodling and coin wrapping wanted and necessary.

Taurus / Gemini

Judgmental, homeostatic pessimistic seeks reform school drop out to share push over relation, Toreros like relation unavoidable.

Taurus / Cancer

Stubborn but well meaning parental figure seeks unstable reclusive disaster magnet to long terms changes that last few days for concealing what life is about from the comfort of home.

Taurus / Leo

jealous tyrant with short fuse and long memory seeks arrogant tyrant with shorter fuse and no memory at all for physical grappling and verbal duel to death.

Taurus / Virgo

Quiet but determined routine loving seeks quiet but constant critic to clean house and help judge the lesser folk. conservative but sensual, sex concluded.

Taurus / Libra

Resolute sober stay - at - home seeks flippant, irresponsible liar to share the venusian love of excess. Short term titillation, long time suffering.

Taurus / Scorpio

Church deacon with mirrored ceiling and unholy sexual appetite seeks depraved willing cheater with attitude for secret long term love affair or simply no talk, park in back leaving before sunrise wanted.

Taurus / Sagittarius

Sermonizing, lazy stay - at -home who prefers Tv than real life seeks philosophizing gadabout with wandering eye for mutual anguish and terminal misunderstanding.

Taurus / Capricorn

Self indulgent bore with well stocked pantry and fridge full of food looks for extravagant social climber with nice bank account and romantic evenings, mind bending, sexual marathons and ever lasting love.

Taurus / Aquarius

Earthy seductive animal with barnyard manners and possessive nature seeks militant air head who would rather talk than work 1 month in the same place for special relation that finish in unforgettable no sense and rather regretted time together.

Taurus / Pisces

Sensual pleasure lover with both feet planted firmly on the couch seeks guileless dreamer with taste for wild sex, safe life and predictable but musical love.

Clear to try...
Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.
Just Good Friends...
Taurus, Aquarius.
Please, shoot yourself now...
Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
The Dark Horse...


Adolf Hitler
April 20, 1889

Al Lewis
April 30, 1923(10)

Al Pacino
April 25, 1940

Anthony Quinn
April 21, 1915

Billy Joel
May 9, 1949

Bing Crosby
May 2, 1903

Bjorn Ulvaeus
Apr 25, 1945

Burt Bacharach
May 12, 1928

Burt Young
April 30, 1940

David Charvet
May 15, 1972

Dwayne Johnson
May 2, 1972

George Clooney
May 6,1961

George Lucas
May 14, 1944

Henry Fonda
May 16, 1905

Jack Nicholson
April 22, 1937

Jerry Seinfeld
April 29, 1954

Lance Henriksen
May 5, 1940

Lee Majors
April 23, 1939

Leonardo Da Vinci
April 15, 1452

Mike Oldfield
May 15, 1953

Orson Welles
May 6, 1915

Peter Frampton
April 22, 1950

Pierce Brosnan
May 16, 1953

Pope John Paul II
May 18, 1920

Salvador Dali
May 11, 1904

Sigmund Freud
May 6, 1856

Stevie Wonder
May 13, 1950

Tony Blair
May 6, 1953

Willie Nelson
April 30, 1933



Amber Tamblyn
May 14, 1983

Andie McDowell
April 21, 1958

Audrey Hepburn
May 4, 1929

Barbra Streisand
April, 24 1942

Bettie Page
April 22, 1923

Candice Bergen
May 9, 1946

Carmen Electra
April 20, 1972

Carol Burnett
April 26, 1933

May 20, 1946

Grace Jones
May 19, 1952

Holly Valance
May 11, 1983

Jaime King
April 23, 1979

Janet Jackson
May 16, 1966

Jessica Alba
April 28, 1981

Jessica Lange
April 20, 1949

Jordana Brewster
April 26, 1980

Kirsten Dunst
April 30, 1982

Laetitia Casta
May 11, 1978

Megan Fox
May 16, 1986

Michelle Pfeiffer
April 29, 1958

Penelope Cruz
Apr.28, 1974

Queen Elizabeth II
April 21, 1926

ReneƩ Zellweger
April 25, 1969

Sheena Easton
April 27, 1959

Shirley MacLaine
April 24, 1934

Shirley Temple Black
April 23, 1928

Tori Spelling
May 16, 1973

Uma Thurman
Apr.29, 1970