How to understand this guide.

The sun is the primary source of life and it is the character in the Natal Chart, this is just the beginning, The Moon, The Ascendant and the other planets, each have a particular, specific and very important place in the rest of the Soul expression so relation between people is much more complicated than this but still when people from two Star signs interrelated is very possible to see and predict the main usual starting dynamics and path, this is a quick guide of what may happen when things go wrong and the most likely causes and what they have been looking for before you realize that being single many times is such a great idea.


Love Ads for Dates from Hell

Virgo / Aries

Selfless, discriminating bookworm who's having second thoughts about living for sense and other seeks rash, needy, rake - about - town for one night stand and reality check.

Virgo / Taurus

Critical Perfectionist tightwad with permanent indigestion and compulsion to clean toilets in the middle of the night seeks earthy homebody who loves to eat, watch Tv in bed and have safe sex. True Love guaranteed.

Virgo / Gemini

Fun - challenged nitpicker who would rather talk about sex that do the deed seeks irrational chatterbox with string of failed affairs to quiz, analyze and drive bonkers. Actual sex optional.

Virgo / Cancer

Security craving nervous Nellie with portable pharmacopoeia seeks long suffering martyr type to spoon feed and mother. Possible soul mates.

Virgo / Leo

Perfectly perfect person with neatly typed five years plan seeks party magnet whose idea of organization means finding the car keys for desperately incompatible, micro mini relationship.

Virgo / Virgo

Methodical workaholic with permanent rash and no cuticles seeks same for endless - but -polite criticizing, midnight discussions on the advantage of buying in bulk and assorting sexual exploration. happiness guaranteed if you don't nitpick.

Virgo / Libra

Chronically anxious procrastinator with doctoral in folk medicine who loves sex, home, and regular bedtimes seeks chronically vapid swinger with unequaled talent for dissipation for pre - destined - to -doom affair.

Virgo / Scorpio

Shy, caring and seriously underestimated sex toy who can balance books and ring your chimes seeks surly-but-sensitive power broker to seduce, surprise, and send to carnal heaven.

Virgo / Sagittarius

Monogamous stay-at-home with talent for small talk seek long winded, serial affair champ to nitpick into the next millennium, Just joking, this won't last trough the appetizers.

Virgo / Capricorn

Neat freak with baby face and calculator brain who loves large bank accounts seeks impeccable, coolly, reserved pro who's scaling the corporate ladder for exceptional romance, polite disagreements, and solid golden future.

Virgo / Aquarius

Meticulous caregiver with sensible shoes and attitude to match who's hooked on the niggling details seeks space case with invisible or crazy friends, army boots, and cavalier attitude towards sex for short romp in the hay.

Virgo / Pisces

Routine-loving and wheel organized coupon clipper with need for security seeks slapdash romance addict with no money, no job and little future to mold, pro and push toward success. Glorious sex, Iffy morning after.

Clear to try...
Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn.
Just Good Friends...
Virgo, Libra.
Please, shoot yourself now...
Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo.
The Dark Horse...
Scorpio, Pisces.



Adriana Karembeu
September 17, 1971

Alexis Bledel
Septemer 16, 1981

Amy Winehouse
September 14, 1983

Barbara Bach
August 27, 1947

Beyonce Knowles
September 4, 1981

Brooke Burke
September 8, 1971

Cameron Diaz
August 30, 1972

Claudette Colbert
September 13. 1903

Claudia Schiffer
August 25, 1970

Evan Rachel Wood
September 7, 1987

Gloria Estefan
September 1, 1957

Jacqueline Bisset
September 13, 1944

Jane Curtin
September 6, 1947

Joan Jett
September 22, 1958

Kristen Johnston
September 20, 1967

Raquel Welch
September 5, 1940

Salma Hayek
September 2, 1966

Sanaa Lathan
September 19, 1971

Shaniah Twain
August 28, 1965

Sophia Loren
September 20, 1934

Valerie Perrine
September 3, 1943

Victoria Silvstedt
September 19, 1974


Adam Sandler
September 9, 1966

Adam West
September 19, 1928

Barry Gibb
September 1, 1946

Bill Murray
September 21, 1950

Charlie Sheen
September 3,1965

Culkin Macaulay
August 26, 1980

David Copperfield
September 16, 1956

David McCallum
September 19, 1933

David Soul
August 28, 1943

Freddie Mercury
September 5, 1946

John Ritter
September 17, 1948

Keanu Reeves
September 2, 1964

Larry Hagman
September 21, 1931

Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958

Michael Keaton
September 5, 1951

Mickey Rourke
September 16, 1956

Paulo Coelho
August 24, 1947

Peter Falk
September 16, 1927

Peter Sellers
September 8, 1925

Richard Gere
August 31, 1949

Scott Speedman
September 1, 1975

Sean Connery
August 25, 1930

Stephen King
September 21, 1947

Tommy Lee Jones
September 15, 1946